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Invisalign? Not for my kid!

There are many different clear aligner therapy systems out now that are used to straighten teeth. I currently use Invisalign’s clear aligners to straighten my patient’s teeth. In general, the technology in the clear aligner therapy (CAT) world has significantly improved over the years, allowing tough cases of crooked teeth that were once thought could not be straightened with a piece of plastic, are now possible.

Aligner materials have gotten better. They have more flex in them, allowing gentler pressures to straighten teeth. They also have better shaped attachments, which are tooth colored buttons glued to the teeth, that allows for improved tooth movement. Not to mention the technology that goes into fabricating the aligners, starting with a scan of your teeth, is way more comfortable than getting a goopy impression.

So has your child/teen has been begging for treatment with clear aligners? Using clear aligners is on the rise and there are so many choices out there. Be sure to use an orthodontic specialist to get the best results for your child and avoid options such as mail order aligners. Here are some great reasons why going with clear aligners to straighten your child’s/teen’s teeth benefit you as a parent.

  1. The time between appointments are farther apart, decreasing the frequency you are going to the orthodontist office. You are busy! So is your child with school activities. Going with clear aligners allows you to go between 8-12 weeks between appointments versus 4-8 weeks with braces appointments.

  2. There are virtually no emergencies with clear aligners. Braces may break and wires may poke requiring an additional appointment to the orthodontist for repair. It’s not often a clear aligner breaks, but if it does, you can usually jump right into the next set. If you can’t, Invisalign teen does include 6 replacement aligners for free.

  3. You don’t have to change the family dinner menu. Clear aligners are removable, allowing our patients to take them out to eat anything they want. There are food restrictions with braces, not with Invisalign.

  4. If you go with Invisalign treatment, there is a teen guarantee. Are you having a hard time trusting your 12-year-old to be responsible with aligners? Go ahead and give it a go, if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch to braces. I think you might be pleasantly surprised! I find that my teen patients are quite responsible with their aligners and do a great job.

So there you have it. Maybe Invisalign or clear aligners are a great option for your kid!

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