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How to Choose Your Invisible Aligners

More and more doctors’ offices are offering invisible aligners to straighten your teeth, with treatment providers ranging from orthodontists to dentists and remote mail-order service providers.  With so many choices out there, who will you trust to re-design your smile?


The success of your new smile depends on the doctor that designs it. While technologies may be similar, what many people don’t realize is that the service can vary from one doctor’s office to the next. As a platinum provider of Invisalign, Dr. Ferrell has the experience you need to transform your smile.


Ask Questions. Get Answers. 

No matter which route you choose, it’s important to get the facts and ask lots of questions so that there are no surprises later.  Here are important things to look for as you research your options for invisible aligners:

1. Training. Experience. Credentials.

When it comes to moving teeth, experience matters. The more educated and experienced your provider is, the better your results will be. Dr. Ferrell has an orthodontic certificate from an accredited 3-year orthodontic residency. In addition, she has spent well over 125 hours continually taking courses on mastering Invisalign. She treats more patients with Invisalign than any other provider in our area.


Orthodontic treatment is more than just getting your teeth to line up.  It impacts your teeth, your gums and your jaw.  If not done correctly, it could lead to tooth and gum loss, a misaligned bite or other irreversible – and potentially expensive to fix - issues. Ask your provider about their education, their training, and the number of cases they treat with invisible aligners. In our office we are happy to share before and after pictures of our real results.


2.  Comprehensive Diagnostic Records.

Any orthodontic treatment should begin with an in-person consultation, followed by an oral evaluation and panoramic x-rays. Typically, if you’ve had a recent panoramic x-ray at your dentist office, your orthodontist can request a copy of it.  If not, at West Chester Orthodontics, we perform the x-ray for FREE and share it with your dentist to reduce your exposure to radiation.


It’s worth noting that many orthodontists have the equipment to take a panoramic x-ray right in the office and provide this to patients at zero cost.  Ask your provider if they’ll cover the cost of your panoramic x-ray.  If they say no x-ray is required, let that be a warning sign that they are willing to treat you without the proper diagnostic tools and may not have your overall health as a priority.  


3.   Supervision. Monitoring. Adaptations.

Certainly, one of the advantages of straightening teeth with invisible aligners is fewer office appointments.  Patients will typically go up to 3 months in between checkups.  However, it’s important to have access to your provider should questions or issues arise or if you have any concerns about the fit or feel of your aligners. At West Chester Orthodontics, you can contact the office and schedule an office appointment at no additional charge. And if your teeth are not moving as planned, Dr. Ferrell can make adaptations to your treatment at no additional fee.

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