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Lipstick shades for whiter teeth

It’s a busy time of the year, lots of items to get done on the to-do-list. Perhaps whitening your teeth for holiday photos is something you have been meaning to do. Here are some tips on using lipstick to make teeth whiter in just seconds.



There is no shortage of lipstick and once you have read through this article, you will have an easier time picking a shade to go with your gorgeous new dress at the upcoming holiday parties. The key to finding the right shade of lipstick to give the illusion of whiter teeth, is choosing a color with cool undertones.

Lipstick with warmer undertones like nudes and peach colors will give your teeth a yellower color. Avoid these, especially if you are an avid tea or coffee drinker and you have some staining lurking in-between your teeth. If you are going for red this season, avoid reds with orange undertones as they will make the teeth look more yellow.

Go for a red lipstick with a blue undertone. If you decide to go purple, pick the purple lipstick with a pink undertone. A purple with brown undertones will tend to make your teeth go yellow.

If you have trouble detecting undertones, don’t worry, I’m going to share some colors that you can try. I happen to be a big fan of the Beautycounter® cosmetic line. Its mission is to get “safer products into the hands of everyone,” with the hope that the cosmetic industry becomes more regulated so that toxic chemicals are not ingredients for products we use on our bodies. The company has 1,500 chemicals on their “never list”, ones that are questionable or toxic and therefore never used in its products.

Recently, Beautycounter® launched its Color Intense lipstick line, and this season they are selling a gift set with eight of its lipstick colors in a mini version. So, naturally, I bought the set and tried them all out for you. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the lasting power of these lipsticks!

Anyway, here are my top picks for making your teeth look brighter and your lips festive for the holidays. For pretty red lips, grab the color “Gala;” it has a classic red look but this one has the blue undertone which is key. Choose “Twilight” if you are looking for a berry. For a fun bright pink “Front Row” is perfect.

Have fun trying these out, I have no financial interest in this company, just passing along the good stuff I’ve found. (For more information on Beatycounter®, visit

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