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Benefits of Smiling

I was on my way back home from Phoenix Arizona, standing in a super long line at the airport. Let’s face it, flying can be stressful, especially if you are not familiar with the airport and it is super early in the morning. I could not help but notice the TSA officer who was checking out the passengers’ boarding passes and IDs. He greeted each person with a big smile that was in his line! It was a pleasant change from my previous interactions with TSA officers when they only shouted “next!”. It has been said the smallest distance between two people is a smile. There are so many great reasons to share your smile with the world, read on!

Here are top reasons to smile:

  • It is a mood booster.If you are feeling down, turn that frown upside down and let the endorphins flow.Our brains are made to associate smiling with happiness and giving out smiles will instantly improve your mood. Even forcing yourself to smile will make you start feeling better fast.

  • It helps you land the job on your interview. Smiling gives your interviewer the sense of confidence, happiness and approachability.All great qualities to help you stick out of the crowd.

  • It’s universal!There are no language barriers when you give a smile.A smile is accepted as a sign of happiness across the globe and there is no mistaking that.

  • It helps you live longer.It has been found that those who smile more and often, live an average of 7 years longer!This is because it decreases your blood pressure and releases endorphins.

  • It reduces stress.Yes, smiling helps reduce this stress by boosting your endorphins and causing you to take deeper breaths.This gives us a calmer outlook to our stressful situation and helps us cope better.

  • Smiling is better than makeup.When surveyed, 70% said a smile makes women look more beautiful than make up.And it doesn’t cost you anything, while always being available when you want to use it.

  • It takes much less muscle to smile than frown (17 versus 43 respectively), so its easier to be happy!

If you are not confident about your smile or tend to hide it by keeping your lips closed, you are missing out on a ton of great benefits. Visit an orthodontist to help you get the smile you deserve.

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