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Let's Get Your Braces Off!

Let’s face it; as much as we love the transformation that comes from getting braces, no one wants to be in them one minute longer than they have to be. Here are four ways to help keep you on track and get your braces off on time.

  1. Keep your appointments. Yes, avoid rescheduling as much as possible. Obviously there will be times that it is unavoidable, and should a conflict arise, don’t wait to change your appointment. The sooner you change it, the better chance of getting an appointment close to the time you are due in. Otherwise, your appointment may have to be rescheduled a few more weeks out, hence adding more time you wear your braces.

  2. Brush your teeth well! Teeth move much better in a clean, healthy environment than one laden with plaque. Plus, it makes it easier for your orthodontist to see where your current tooth position really is and therefore he/she can deliver better results.

  3. Don’t break your brackets! There are certain foods that you need to avoid during orthodontic treatment such as hard and sticky foods because they are strong enough to break your braces. Once a brace is no longer on a tooth, the tooth is no longer on “track”. When the broken brace is repaired, frequently, the wire will need to be dropped down a size to help get the tooth back into sequence. This means you will have to backtrack from the normal progression and then work your way back up. Therefore, extra time is needed to catch up to where you were before breaking the brace.

  4. Wear your elastic bands! Those tiny little elastics that you hook onto your braces serve a very important purpose. They improve the way your teeth fit together, which the braces alone cannot do. With diligent elastic wear, you can improve your bite in 1-3 months. Not wearing them will prolong your treatment, or worse, not correct your bite at all.

Orthodontic treatment requires cooperation from the patient to achieve the results of straight, healthy, and beautiful teeth. Take care of your braces, take care of your teeth, follow your orthodontist’s directions and keep your appointments to become braces free in a timely manner. The effort that you invest will be worth achieving a beautiful smile that can last you for a lifetime!

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