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Tooth Talk News

The holidays are approaching fast, before you know it the new year will be here.  What will be your New Year’s resolutions fo...

Most kids and adults are conditioned to think of discomfort and tightness when it comes to braces. There is so much history a...

Where did the summer go?  It’s hard to believe it flew by so quick and its time to get back into the school routine.  Just go...

It’s heartbreaking that kids can get bullied in our schools because of the appearance of their teeth. I have had parents brin...

The ancient practice of swishing certain types of oil in your mouth has been around in India and Southern Asia for centuries....

I was on my way back home from Phoenix Arizona, standing in a super long line at the airport.  Let’s face it, flying can be s...

You may have noticed several articles posted on your Facebook newsfeed that discuss charcoal toothpaste and how it is superi...

Life skills are learned during orthodontic treatment

Going to the orthodontist can be an overall positive experience in the de...

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