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Are you up to the




Wooden Nickel Challenge

At each appointment you have an opportunity to

earn up to three (3) wooden nickels.


One nickel will be awarded for outstanding cooperation in each of the following areas:


Excellent Brushing

Are you getting in those hard-to-reach places?


On-time for Appointments

Punctual patients make us smile!


Patient Cooperation

No loose braces; elastics, retainers, and appliances worn as instructed


Wooden nickels are collected and

redeemed for prizes and gifts!

NEW: Coins for a Cause

Donate your wooden nickels to charity and West Chester Orthodontics will make a donation! Ask at the front desk for the charities we're currently supporting.

You can redeem your nickels at the time they are earned, or you can save them for bigger prizes like gift cards. It will be your responsibility to keep your nickels until you are ready to cash them in, and you must turn in your nickels to receive a prize. At no time can your nickels be taken away from you.


Your cooperation at each regularly scheduled visit will determine how many new nickels you receive. You will continue to earn nickels until your braces are removed!


So, how many can you earn?


Hit the Jackpot!

Snap a Selfie with your dentist

during a check-up at your family dentist.

Post it online and tag us (WC Orthodontics)

to receive

10 additional nickels!

“The incentive programs for patients are very cool. My son is so excited to go to the orthodontist to see how many nickels he will get!” -K. Z.