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Invisalign® and 

Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign Treatment: What to Expect

We know – the decision to improve your smile and invest in yourself is a big one! We're here to make it easy, and to answer any questions along the way.

We begin with:

  • X-rays of your mouth

  • An oral exam

  • A digital scan of your teeth using our state-of-the-art digital technology – no goopy impressions!


Up Next: Dr. Ferrell's Smile Design!

  • Dr. Ferrell will design your smile after learning what you are looking to change. 

  • A set of Invisalign clear aligners is custom-made to Dr. Ferrell's specifications.

  • We can make an optional computer rendering of your smile — a before-and-after sneak peek!

At your first fitting:

  • We will prepare and polish your teeth for a smooth surface

  • We'll install tiny "buttons" for aligners to click into place (don't worry – these are made of tooth-colored composite, are barely noticeable, and are removed at the end of treatment)

  • You take home all of the aligners produced for the first series!


During the course of treatment:

  • In-office and virtual appointments will be scheduled in advance (or as needed, if an issue arises)

  • Adjustments will be made to keep your treatment on track

  • Free replacement aligners are provided if you lose or break one during the course of your treatment


When you're done:

  • Retainers are provided at the end of your treatment, to keep results in good, lasting shape over time and prevent shifting

  • "Buttons" are removed, and...

  • Your new smile is revealed!

Invisalign kit small.jpg
Receive a FREE Smile Kit at the start of your treatment!


Dr. Ferrell and her staff will send you home with a Smile Kit to help you take care of your teeth and your aligners when you’re on the go. Includes:

  •  Travel Bag

  •  Folding tooth brush

  •  Lip balm

  •  Invisalign travel case

  •  Travel-sized toothpaste​

  •  Hand Sanitizer

  •  Nail file for adjusting aligners

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CDF iTero.jpg

See your new smile

before you start treatment.


Initial consultations are free! We’ll perform a complimentary insurance benefit check, and summarize your out-of-pocket expenses and payment options.

Braces or Invisalign for as low as


low downpayment/0% financing

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